Manhood – fighting right

I have no justifiable jurisdiction to talk about manhood (I am very ‘unmanly’, to say the least), other than the fact that I think they deserve some love. I have been all about girl power, but it makes no sense to cheer the girls when something is definitely crumbling. Today we are at a point of social and physical disaster because we no longer know or understand each other – I mean look at how many transgender people and gays we have. We are losing it at one point or another. Soon, there might be only you for yourself and God for us all.

Women are not into the marriage and 2 kids kind of fantasy anymore. Men don’t even care if they make 5 babies with different women. We clearly are sickening as a society by the day.

Men, men that are straight, fairly handsome, family based and patient enough, are not easy to bump into anymore. See it’s trash right now, and easy for you to take lightly, until 10 years from now when you’ll be placing all hope on the internet as your match maker.

Let’s talk manhood. Tell me it’s really easy to get a good guy and have a beautiful relationship today and I’ll seriously be your stalker – cause it’s not!

He shows up a couple of times, but it’s just for the sex. He hits you up every once in a while, but you both can’t have a sane conversation. The conflict is served for dinner and breakfast and then a couple of months in, you both need some space – what? Are you trying to figure out who ate the cheese too? Cause months don’t count for space.

So this is for the good guys – only the genuine good guys that are lost in this generation girl power. It’s also for the beautiful ladies who care to figure out a working space for a functional and happy relationship.

  • Stop talking – For one little minute, would you please shut up? Yes he wants to fix things, but his being a man makes him get choked up when it’s talking time, and that’s why he can’t pick up the pace. Also, him trying to cut in through the speedy talk, will get you saying he shouts at you or he shows signs of aggressive behaviour (he suddenly becomes a violent man). For a moment, stop talking; at least catch your breath. Let him sneak in a word or two also. It might be worth the breath. Men do have a way with few words that land with a thud that either ends the fight or break a heart. Take a pause and let the poor man stammer some few words. Let him participate actively in the fight.
  • Listen – he doesn’t have a lot of words to use, and so be sparingly careful to listen. His best shot at explaining a concept is probably “you know I love you, and I didn’t mean to hurt you. Sorry.” I know, trust me, I know how lame that sounds. You’re probably waiting for a long tale of how it started and what reason was sane enough for him to do whatever he did. Well, it’s not coming. Listen to what he has to say, then somewhere in there find yourself an answer, or make him get to the answer.
  • Get the words out of him – actions too. He is a man; words don’t work for him. Actually, work that doesn’t bring him money just doesn’t work for him. If you want him to be sorry, show him why he should be. Show the clueless human where it went wrong (a lot of the time, he really doesn’t even know what he did – think of him as a minion; cute, but, well…). If you want him to be responsive in certain areas, show him. Get him to tell you the things you want to hear. Get him to explain concepts. If you don’t, you’ll hurt so long and he won’t even know you are, and then he’ll still knock on your door for the cuddles.
  • Show him instead of telling him – the rudest bit of being a man is selective listening. You could talk to them for the longest time with the simplest wording, but if it’s not in bullet points, short and important to them, you’d better get to doing other things. So instead of getting frustrated over him ignoring your conversation all the time, try showing him. He is visual after all – this should work.
  • Let him be the man – I mean our biggest flaw as women, we prefer a world of perfect where every human is as woman as we are. We would rather he becomes the girlfriend with the manly physique. But if he became a woman, honey, who’s gonna kill the bugs around that place? Who’s gonna carry who? Who’s gonna go on one knee? Who’s gonna reach the top shelves? Sis, you need him as manly as he can be, then you can gradually work on his nasty behaviours. So let him chew differently, let him speak less, let him be excited about weird things like work and sports, let him be lousy at creativity, let him be the hairy one, let him, LET HIM!

  • RESPECT – It’s perhaps the hardest, but the ultimate way. A man’s love language is respect. He knows you love him and you’d probably be there to nurse him after he took a bullet (I’d say you’d take a bullet for him, but then it’s the 21st century, and you’re still not married to him), but that’s not it. The main component of a man’s being is ego. Yes, that’s how a man has balls to come up front and flirt with you, even with a ring on. So work your way around him and show him some respect. Show him that you respect that he is the man in the relationship. Show him that you need his advice on matters. Show him that you can do it on your own, but then you respect his presence so much that you do not want to do it alone. Massage his little ego, and make him a big boy – this should work in marriage too, I don’t know! Respect him, whether he deserves it or not, because you want him to love you especially when you don’t deserve it.

A typical man, has a whole lot of things he keeps stressing over in a day. He probably got his ego crushed at work by his boss, or lost some investment money in some crazy way, or basically just got gang bullied by his squad. Coming to you, in his head at least, should fix everything. He hopes to have a softer voice speak to him. He hopes for someone to adore him because at that very moment he feels useless. He needs just a little ego boost, a pat on the back, and a little kiss on his forehead and he’ll be okay.

He will be the man of your dreams if you let him, but more importantly if you give him directives on how to. I mean it’s not going to feel good a lot of the times, but if you really are hoping to get a man, keep him and spend a lifetime with him, you’ll be the patient one.

So yeah, there you have it. Manhood is very, well, manly. I mean I could be here all day pretending like I get it and that I am perfectly aware of how to handle these men, but girl, you have no idea.

It’s all on you ladies:

New King James Version

Proverbs 14:1 The wise woman builds her house, But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.

PS: This is strictly applicable to the nice men – those that know better than to hit women or be abusive or even cheat on them.

We love you guys, so help us figure you out. ♥

Also, just cause we get it, doesn’t mean you get to get away with not trying – we’ll know when it’s intentional; we always do. 👀


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