Hey loves. My name is Joy Lokarimi and I am a Christian lifestyle blogger.

Welcome to my blog.

When I started writing, I was passionate about everything decent in life. I still am, but then with time, I have figured out a path I would love to keep on with. As a lifestyle blogger, I realized there is so much fuss on what life demands we make of ourselves, which really inspires the kind of lifestyles we take up.

Being a Christian is really about leading a Christ-like life, and to it, there is a style that so many have overlooked. We have become so complacent as a society, that it is no longer comfortable for Christians to embrace life with open arms, for the fear of being judged about their choices. This is why I now write on health, relationships and inspirational pieces, all of which roll back to Christianity, where I relevantly draw my conclusions.

I have a story – we all do!

I admit to having tried to rewrite my story, but now I know better. All that is required of me is to tell it – it’s already written. I haven’t figured it out yet – a lot of my work here is about trying to find a purpose for living life as a Christian, describing the very things we have to deal with to become – unmasking! My mistakes may show, my choices must bear fruit, but at the end of the day, if I tried, the world will tell my story. ☺

“Beautiful words stir my heart; like a pen of a good writer, my tongue is ready with a poem!”

Let’s make this home! 😉

[We are gems💎. Inside and out. Image it.]

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